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How to set up a new Windows

I rate Microsoft windows 10 at one level above a nasty computer virus, Steven Magee

Windows 11 feelsresponsive and fast. It is better for multi-tasking, more battery-efficient, and has a better design and interface, but security and privacy are big concerns. This article is written for those that have just installed or updated to the latest version of Microsoft Windows and explains what to do to set it up correctly and harden it as much as possible.

Set up a new Windows

Set up a new Windows


Use always a non-administrator account as your daily driver.

It is worth noticing that Windows will automatically update your drivers via Windows Update, but you may want to do it manually by going to Device Manager, double clic a category, e.g., Display adaptors, right click a device, e.g., NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon RX 5700, click Properties, switch to the Driver tab, and smash the Update Driver button. Windows Update

Windows Update


If you don’t have any other firewall running in your system, you should turn on the Windows Defender’s firewall by navigating through Settings, Privacy & Security, Windows Security, Firewall & network protection. If the firewall is off, you will see a red x icon, click the Turn on button to turn on the firewall. The red x icon will turn into a green check. Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall


To enable System Restore, go to Start and type restore, and then click Create a restore point. On the System Protection tab, in the Protection Settings section, make sure that System Restore is enabled for your C: drive (Protection is On). If this is not the case, select the C drive (C: -System-), and click the Configure button, then Turn on system protection. Create a restore point, too by clicking on Create.

There are multiple settings to customize Files to your needs: Settings, Appearance (Custom Themes), Preference (Show hidden files and folders, Show dot files, Hide protected operating system Files), Experimental (Show Folder Size, Set Files as the default File manager). Files



  1. Install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): wsl ‐‐install or wsl ‐‐install -d Ubuntu
  2. To make Windows Terminal able to render the fancy icons, install NERD-FONTS. Download a font, e.g., Droid Sans Mono Nerd Fonts; extract or unzip the archive, and install all the .otf Font files.
  3. Install Zsh, Oh My Zsh in WSL, and more, Spice your Windows’s terminal.
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