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How to recover deleted files

Don’t panic, because everything is probably all right, and it it’s not, panicking will make it worse, Emily Barr.

“I like the cover," he said. “Don’t Panic. It’s the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody’s said to me all day,” Douglas Adams.

Did you accidentally delete some unrepeatable photos, lovely and unforgettable family pictures, important office documents, multimedia or other files, do not panic,at least not yet.

Deleting files and directories securely and permanently is almost always irreversible, so even using dedicated recovery software is very unlikely that you are able to recover your data.

If you have deleted your files and folders by mistake or accident, because you did not think you were going to need them, or if your computer got fried after a power outage or a storm, you are not the only one. Just follow these instructions.

The old saying rings true -prevention is better than cure. Please follow our articles How to backup, encrypt your computer, and how to protect yourself.

Please begin at the beginning -the King said, very gravely-, and go on till you come to the end: then stop. Try each step in order before proceeding to the next.

How to recover deleted files

How to recover deleted files


Install and launch Recuva. You are going to be presented with a wizard where you need to choose the sort of files you’re trying to recover, such as Pictures, Music, or Documents, and where they were last located, such as in a specific location, in My Documents, In the Recycle Bin, etc. Recuva


If previous scans have failed to recover your files, tap the Enable Deep Scan checkbox, then smash the Start button. Recuva



Select the files you want to recover by ticking their boxes and then pressing the Recover button. If the recovery has failed miserably and could not find the file/s you were looking for try using a deep scan.

It is worth noticing that you are more likely to get better results by restoring the files to a different drive and installing Recuva or any other recovery utility in a different disk (i.e., a external drive or USB stick) from the one you are trying to recover your files from.

Recover a file from a Time Machine back up (macOS)

  1. Open Time Machine by clicking on its icon in the menu bar and selecting Enter Time Machine or search for Time Machine using Spotlight or Alfred (Command + Spacebar) and typing Time Machine. Time Machine

    Time Machine

  2. Use the up and down arrows and the timeline to browse the Time Machine backups and locate your files.
  3. Select one or more items you want to restore (these items can include files, folders, or your entire disk), then click Restore. Time Machine

    Time Machine

    Restored items return to their original locations.

If nothing has worked till now, don’t worry my friend. There are still tools and procedures left to try, it’s time to bring out the big guns to recover our files

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