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How to install, configure, and use Alacritty and Kitty

A terminal emulator is a text-only window that emulates a console in a desktop environment. Basically, it is a GUI program that acts as a wrapper or front-end and allows you to run a shell and enter commands that the operating system can interpret and execute.

And just as any other program or application, you can install, uninstall, and customize different terminals. Terminals




Alacritty is a fast, cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator.

  1. You can install it in Ubuntu using the following command: sudo snap install alacritty ‐‐classic.

  2. Set Alacritty as your default terminal: sudo update-alternatives ‐‐install /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator x-terminal-emulator /snap/bin/alacritty (you may have it in /usr/bin/alacritty -you should check it: whereis alacritty) 50 (priority). sudo update-alternatives ‐‐config x-terminal-emulator.

  3. Add a shortcut: Settings, Keyboard Shortcut, Custom Shortcuts. Name: Alacritty. Command: /snap/bin/alacritty. Set Custom Shortcut: Ctrl, Alt, and T.

  4. Visit Nerd Fonts. Choose your font, download it, and copy it into ~/.local/share/fonts. Update the font cache: fc-cache -f

    Install more fonts: sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer fonts-cantarell lmodern ttf-aenigma ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-sjfonts ttf-unifont fonts-entypo fonts-isabella fonts-mplus fonts-prociono ttf-anonymous-pro ttf-engadget ttf-staypuft ttf-summersby

  5. Let’s configure it by editing its configuration file: vim /home/user/.config/alacritty/alacritty.yml

# Window Customization
window:   # Window dimensions (changes require restart)
  decorations: none # Neither borders, nor title bar.
  startup_mode: Fullscreen 
scrolling: # Maximum number of lines in the scrollback buffer. It contains all the text that has been displayed on the screen.
  history: 10000
  multiplier: 3
background_opacity: .95 # Window opacity as a number from `0.0` (completely transparent) to `1.0` (opaque)
window.dynamic_title: true # Allow terminal applications to change Alacritty's window title.
# Font Customization
    family: MesloLGS NF
    style: Regular
    family: MesloLGS NF
    style: Bold
    family: MesloLGS NF
    style: Italic
  size: 12 # Text size
    x: 0
    y: 0
    x: 0
    y: 0
  use_thin_strokes: false
    persistent_logging: false
draw_bold_text_with_bright_colors: true
# Colors (Gruvbox dark) https://github.com/eendroroy/alacritty-theme
    background: '#000000'
    foreground: '#ebdbb2'
    black:   '#282828'
    red:     '#cc241d'
    green:   '#98971a'
    yellow:  '#d79921'
    blue:    '#458588'
    magenta: '#b16286'
    cyan:    '#689d6a'
    white:   '#a89984'
    black:   '#928374'
    red:     '#fb4934'
    green:   '#b8bb26'
    yellow:  '#fabd2f'
    blue:    '#83a598'
    magenta: '#d3869b'
    cyan:    '#8ec07c'
    white:   '#ebdbb2'
    semantic_escape_chars: ",?`|:\"' ()[]{}<>\t"
    text: '0xffffff'
    background: '0xdc3232'
    white:   '0xffffff'
    save_to_clipboard: true  # When set to `true', selected text will be copied to the primary clipboard.

  - { key: V, mods: Control, action: Paste } # Crtl + V = Paste
  - { key: C, mods: Control, action: Copy } # Crtl + C = Copy
  - { key: NumpadAdd, mods: Control, action: IncreaseFontSize } # Ctrl + "+", increase terminal's text size.
  - { key: NumpadSubtract, mods: Control, action: DecreaseFontSize } # Ctrl + "-", decrease terminal's text size.
  - { key: N, mods: Control, action: SpawnNewInstance }  # Ctrl + N, it creates a new instance.
  - { key: W, mods: Control, action: ToggleFullscreen } # Ctrl + W, toggle full screen terminal.
  - { key: F1, mods: Control, chars: "{" } # Barrier cannot type character that need Alt Gr key.
  - { key: F2, mods: Control, chars: "}" }
  - { key: F3, mods: Control, chars: "#" }
  - { key: F4, mods: Control, chars: "~" }
  - { key: F5, mods: Control, chars: "@" }
  - { key: F6, mods: Control, chars: "|" }


Kitty is a fast, featureful, GPU based terminal emulator. Installation: sudo apt install kitty. Shortcuts, new tab/close tab: ctrl + shift + t / ctrl + shift +q. New window/Close window: ctrl + shift + enter/ctrl + shift + w. Display images in the terminal: kitty +kitten icat image.jpeg.

Configure keyboard shortcuts: gedit ~/.config/kitty/kitty.conf:

font_family MesloLGS NF 
copy_on_select yes # it will copy selected text into the clipboard) 
map ctrl+c copy_to_clipboard # CTRL + C: Copy to clipboard
map ctrl+v paste_from_clipboard #CTRL + V: Paste from clipboard
background_opacity 0.9.

If you find problems with ssh (remote server): gedit .bashrc, export TERM=vt100.

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