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How to Find reliable and useful information.

  1. Ask clear and specific questions to get the best results.
  2. Provide context.
  3. If the response is not what you were expecting, try refining your question or providing additional information, ask follow-up questions or experiment with different prompts.
  4. Break down complex queries.
  1. Keep it simple and use descriptive keywords as search terms. They should be relevant to the topic that you are searching.


  2. “Alice in wonderland” filetype:pdf: it finds specific document types, such as pdf, ppt, doc, odt, etc.

  3. intitle: “free ebooks”: it restricts your search to the titles of web pages.

  4. linux distributions -ubuntu: it finds linux distributions which are not Ubuntu.

  5. define word: it finds word definitions and synonyms.

  6. translate “me gusta el arroz” to English: it translates words and sentences instantly

  7. “We the People”: it searches for an exact word or phrase.

  8. 1 Euro to dollar: currency converter.

  9. 5 inches to centimetres: unit converter, [number] [unit] into [unit].

  10. 25% of 43, sin(1/x), log(4)*sqrt(3): Google Search has a built-in calculator. It can also plot mathematical functions.

  11. London weather, London time: forecast of the weather, current time in any given city.

  12. Capital of Germany, longest river in Africa, Mozart’s death: simple factual information.

  13. Use SafeSearch to filter explicit results: Search settings, Filter explicit results.

  14. selfhelp site:justtothepoint.com: search within a site.

  1. Search engines that “respect” your privacy: DuckDuckGo and Startpage.

    DuckDuckGo is not safe to browse as Microsoft tracks user data, and yet it is one of the most privacy-focused search engines on the market.

  2. WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine. Bing is the Microsoft search engine that competes with Google. Bing has a much prettier interface. Yandex is a Russian search engine. Baidu is a Chinese search engine. Twitter is a real-time search engine.
  3. Google is turning into an answer machine or an answer engine, but you may still want some human answers: Answers.com, eHow, and WikiHow.
  4. Vertical search engines. Safe search engine for Kids: kiddle. Jobs: Monster.com and LinkedIn . Free images and videos: Pixabay, WPClipart, and Pexels. Christian Search Engine: SeekFind, Online shopping: Amazon and Ebay.
  5. Search videos: YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, D.tube, Utreon, odysee, PeerTube and BitChute. Clients: NewPipe, NewPipe is a Lightweight YouTube frontend. FreeTube is an open source YouTube client built with privacy in mind.

How you search is just as important as what you search.

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