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How to Check your Disk Space


  1. Installation: brew install ncdu (Mac OS), sudo pacman -S ncdu (Arch), sudo pacman -S ncdu (Ubuntu)
  2. Use your ↑up and ↓down arrow keys to navigate through the displayed files and directories, the enter key to move into the selected directory, q to exit, and d to delete the selected file or directory.
  3. You can add a color scheme, e.g., ncdu ‐‐color dark; exclude arbitrary files and directories, e.g., ncdu ‐‐exclude “Dropbox”; and get the size of a specific directory: ncdu ~/Dropbox
ncdu 2.1.2 ~ Use the arrow keys to navigate, press ? for help         
--- /home/nmaximo7 ---------------------------------------------------
   64.7 GiB [##########] /justtothepoint                              
   23.1 GiB [###       ] /dotfiles
    5.6 GiB [#         ] /Dropbox
    1.0 GiB [          ] /.config
    1.0 GiB [          ] /.local
  640.3 MiB [          ] /.cargo
  227.4 MiB [          ] /.vscode
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