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The truth is not sad, but there is no remedy, Joan Manuel Serrat.

When it comes to men that are romantically interested in you, it’s really simple: just ignore everything they say, and only pay attention to what they do. It’s that simple. It’s that easy, Randy Pausch.

Appearances can be deceptive. They do not always convey accurate information about a person. The real self can be pretty different from how he or she seems or appears to be.

In Western societies, political correctness has gone mad, freedom of speech is under attack, and the social media echo chamber is constantly full of empty and meaningless virtue-signalling and posturing to let everybody know how social conscious, democratic, and tolerant we are. There are way too many people wearing their smile as a disguise. Most people wear masks and hide who they really are to fit in and get along.

They portray an image of themselves on social media that is rosier than reality of being sweet, cool, kind, generous, tolerant, understanding, friendly, social conscious, environmentally aware, or family orientated. This image does not correspond to their true personality, and it is conveyed in order to gain something, such as to be praised and valued, to have sexual intercourse, to get married, to get a job, to have company, to be successful, or to fit in.

Of course, under other circumstances, they reveal their true colors, a very different image that is far less friendly, polite, and nice. Basically, all too often, people set themselves up for disappointment and rejection.

Sincerity may not help us make friends (or lovers), but it will help us keep them, John Wooden

Sincerity may not help us make friends (or lovers), but it will help us keep them, John Wooden

A relationship where one or both partners do not express or show their true self is doomed to utter failure.

When fake is the new trend and everyone seems to be in style, when most people are fake, few are real, and yet others are really good at being fake, how can you notice or realize that something is fishy?

Do not worry my friend. If you wait patiently long enough, you will see it. Time is of the essence. Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off. You just need time to be with your partner through many moments, circumstances, and situations, the more the better. Lack of character and integrity always reveals itself in the end.

Talk less, practice active listening, pay attention to him/her and the information your friends and family members are telling you about him or her. If there is a substantial discrepancy between your vision and theirs, make sure you have enough time in order to understand what is really going on before making any important decisions that you might regret afterwards, e.g., sexual intercourse, living together, lending a big amount of money, or having kids.

People’s bullshit and fakeness are the main reasons why I like to be alone.

People’s bullshit and fakeness are the main reasons why I like to be alone.

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