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Leisure and success

Carpe diem, seize the day, Horace.

What are the keys to success in life?

Now listen, how many hours do you need to devote to your goals? How much rest do you get?

Let me suggest an idea. What about using all your time, including spare time and holidays, to pursue your goals? Do not get confused, you need to rest and relax, too. It may seem like these are two opposite ideas (time to unwind and rest versus work hard to achieve your goals), but they are not.

For example, if you want to learn English or pass the FCE, you could watch your favorite films and series in their original version, listen to English bands and pop-stars, play video games in English, and/or spend your holidays in an English-speaking country.

If you’re burned out intellectually, your personal time may have to include the practice of sports or physical activities that allow you to simultaneously relax, improve your health, and clear your mind.

If you’re feeling bored, how about reading a good book, playing chess, following a video course, or learning some new skill, language or topic using a fun app in your smartphone? Reading is fun, but it also broadens your knowledge. It has been linked to academic and professional success.

Time is not something to be wasted because you can not get it back. Entertainment should be more than just spending time doing things that leave us empty, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled. Time wasters are everywhere (tv, video games, social media, YouTube and alike, gossiping, worrying about what people will say, complaining, etc.) so you will have to learn to identify them and avoid them if you want to be successful.

Fill your spare time with active leisure, something that is meaningful and fun, something that help you to achieve your goals, or perhaps, just enjoy and have quality time with your friends and family. I repeat, this argument does not deny the fact that you should rest and relax, it’s just a change of perspective. Remember, life is very short, so seize the day!

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