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Give the best of yourself every single day

You get the best of others when you give the best of yourself, Harvey Firestone.

Keep your relationship fresh, fun, and alive, value it, and show your affection every day. The more time you are together, the more reasons there are for you to show him/her that you care.

Praise your partner with sincere compliments; thank him/her for all the joy s/he brings you; listen to him/her actively and empathetically; write poems and love letters; make time for dating each other, meet in the pub or cafe, go for a romantic walk, a picnic in the park, go to the movies, dinner, or even a night out on the town; Do unexpected things and surprise him/her; have fun and share laughter; celebrate each other’s achievements and talents; try new things together; hold hands; flirt, kiss, and hug each other; touch each other and make love with passion.

Take a break and spend a nice holiday with your partner to revive the romance. Buy her/him something special, a book, a bracelet, a diary, some roses, a sophisticated fragrance or a necklace.



Blessed are you who sow. Every seed you so plant, will grow into bountiful crops for great harvest […] As we plant in tears, we shall harvest with joy, Lailah Gifty Akita.

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