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Effective Time Management Strategies

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst, William Penn.

Preserve your creative horsepower for things that actually matter, Tim Ferris.

You may want to consider the following guidelines that could guide you to a more effective management of your time:

Get rid of non essential tasks.

Get rid of non essential tasks.

How can you remove or cut out non-essential tasks?

  1. Sometimes, we are too perfectionist regarding tasks that are not essential at all. Perhaps, urgent but unimportant tasks should be done quickly and at a moment of the day when your energy levels is low and your brain is not fresh. Always give them a small amount of your time. Consider that your time is precious and you have to organize it according to your priorities.

  2. In general, do not complete a task as well as you can but as well as is required. You should consider: what results, costs, and standards of quality are expected, how many human and material resources are available, and their scheduled date.

  3. Life is not about working harder and harder, but about being smarter, more productive and effective. Besides, avoid wasting your time: check your email once or twice a day; implement time limits on your instant messaging apps and social media, avoid meetings without a clear purpose and getting too much information.

  4. You could multitask unimportant jobs, too. For example, you could take a call (be careful, avoid distractions while driving) or learn a foreign language while you are commuting to work, walking the dog, cleaning the house or making supper.

    Multitask unimportant jobs

    Multitask unimportant jobs

  5. Delegate tasks to your subordinates, children, etc. or just learn to say no. Delegation is an “art”, not a science that we all need to master and it requires:

Delegation is not only a must for you (so you can make the best use of your time and skills), it is also essential for your children, employees, etc. It allows them to grow and be autonomous. It also increases their confidence and self-esteem.

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