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Accept responsibility.

The price of greatness is responsibility, Winston S. Churchill.

Remember, the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life, Hal Elrod.


It is very important to accept responsibility, recognize when the other party is right, and also our own flaws and mistakes. This recognition is essential in the sense that others could realize that we do not want to look good or above them, we are not moved by revenge or pride, but we are focused on problem resolution, success, and improving the quality of our relationships.

  1. Besides, being able to accept our faults and mistakes is tough, but it is also a key part of personal growth. It shows maturity and intelligence: If you don’t learn from your errors, you are bound to repeat them, and even make things worse. It is not to be confused with self-destructive and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.


  2. Nobody is perfect and neither are we, but it is also important that our recognition is sincere, it should be accompanied by an apology and a means to act differently in the future: “I am really sorry that I’m late. It was not my intention at all to keep you waiting. I’ll leave my office half an hour earlier next time, so I’ll get here on time.” It is also a good idea to offer something to mitigate or compensate for our error or fault: “Let me offer you a cup of coffee or something for having wasted your time.”


  3. We all make mistakes and we must recognize them. It is absolutely essential to accept responsibility for what we do, say, think, and feel. If we refuse to do so and blame others (“I am late because my son was sick”), our health (“I have such a terrible headache today that I haven’t managed to do anything productive and on time yet”), politicians, laws, and regulations (“Of course, it’s impossible to park because of traffic congestion/the mayor has taken away all public parking”), etc., searching for excuses everywhere, it will show us as being immature, and therefore, as people who are not trustworthy, sincere, reliable, unable to compromise or to get anything accomplished.


  4. Accepting responsibility is tough, it is never easy, and there is no way around it, but it is the only way for personal and professional success, as well as for building quality, meaningful, and stable relationships.


  5. It is very important to recognize our flaws and mistakes, but it is even more so to learn from them in order to prevent them from happening again. If we do not rectify and grow, people will get frustrated, tired, and even angry with us.

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