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How to convert units

One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions, Grace Hopper.

Unit conversion is the process of converting a quantity from one base or unit of measurement to another by multiplying or dividing it by a conversion factor. It expresses the quantity of a property as a different unit of measurement, e.g., time can be expressed in minutes or seconds instead of hours (2 hours = 2*60 minutes = 120 minutes = 120*60 seconds = 7200 seconds), distance or length can be converted from miles to feet (0.5 miles = 0.5 * 1609.34 meters = 804.672 meters), and volumen is usually measured in liters and gallons (5 liters = 5 * 0.264172 gallons = 1.32086 gallons). How to convert units

How to convert units

To install Pint, simply: python3 -m pip install pint.

user@pc:~$ python
Python 3.9.5 (default, May 11 2021, 08:20:37) 
[GCC 10.3.0] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from pint import UnitRegistry
>>> ureg = UnitRegistry() # It initializes a UnitRegistry() object. It stores the unit definitions, their relationships, and handles conversions between units.
>>> ureg.default_format = '.2f' # It defines the default formatting string, it rounds the result to two decimal places.
>>> temperature = ureg.Quantity(29, ureg.degC) # It defines a Quantity object (it describes a physical quantity) with a value (29) and the units of the physical quantity (Celsius).
>>> print(temperature.to('degF')) # It convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
84.20 degree_Fahrenheit
>>> distance = 10 * ureg.kilometer # distance is a pint.util.Quantity(10, 'kilometer') object
>>> print(distance.to(ureg.miles)) # It converts from kilometers to miles.
6.21 mile
>>> time = 7.0 * ureg.minutes # time is a pint.util.Quantity(7.0, 'minute') object
>>> print(time.to(ureg.second)) # It converts from minutes to seconds.
420.00 second
>>> speed = ureg.Quantity(45, 'm/seconds')
>>> print(speed.to('in/hour'))
6377952.76 inch / hour
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