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Top Things to do After Installing Ubuntu II

  1. sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip python3-venv.
  2. Install Visual Studio Code. Extensions: Python extension for Visual Studio Code and One Dark Pro.
  3. Open Folder, e.g, /home/myUser/myPython.
  4. New File. You may have a warning: Linter pylint (a source-code, bug and quality checker for Python) is not installed. Click on Install.
  5. Create a virtual environment (python3 -m venv venv) and activate it (source ./venv/bin/activate). If you want to deactive it, you need to type deactivate.
  6. Install packages in your environment: python3 -m pip install covid.
  1. sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /mnt/discoExterno.
  2. sudo vi /etc/fstab: /dev/sdb1 (it describes the file system) /mnt/discoExterno (it describes the mount point) ext4 (the file system type) defaults 0 0. C)
  3. sudo mount -a. It causes all filesystems described in fstab to be mounted as indicated in fstab.

Download the image and copy it in this folder:

sudo cp /home/myUser/Downloads/amazon.png /usr/share/icons/. 

Where can you find them? AppImageHub and App Outlet (a Universal application store). AppImageLauncher integrates AppImages to the application launcher.

  1. Download the installation package and decompress it. Run the shell script as root: sudo sh Ventoy2Disk.sh -i /dev/sdX

    /dev/sdX needs to be changed to your USB drive, you could check it with the following command: sudo parted -l

  2. That’s it! We just need to copy .iso images to the USB.
  3. Some useful ISOs: Tails (a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship), GParted (a free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions), Clonezilla (a free partition and disk imaging/cloning program), Ubuntu, and Garuda Linux.
  4. Configure the persistent USB drive: sudo ./CreatePersistentImg.sh. It creates a file (persistence.dat) inside the ventoy folder. Next, copy it to your USB drive. Now create a folder called “ventoy” in your USB drive. And then create a configuration file (“ventoy.json”) inside this recently created ventoy folder. vi ventoy.json:
      "persistence" : 
          "image": "/myFavouriteDistro.iso",         
          "backend": "/persistence.dat"     
          "image": "/myFavouriteDistro2.iso",         
          "backend": "/persistence2.dat"     
  5. You may also want to create directories: ISOs (and copy all your ISO files into this one), persistence (persistence.dat, persistence2.dat, etc.), and PortableApps to be organized.
  1. Enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Open PowerShell as Administrator and run: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux or Control Panel, Turn Windows features on or off, Windows Subsystem for Linux and Windows Machine Platform.
  2. Open the Microsoft Store and install your favorite Linux distribution. Ubuntu could be a good choice.
  3. Enter the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Open PowerShell and type wsl.
  4. Type df -h. Each of Windows letter drives (C, D, E, etc) is treated as a mounted drive from the WSL Linux file system: /mnt/c, /mnt/d, etc.
  1. Install Anbox and the Android Debug Bridge (ADB): snap install ‐‐devmode ‐‐beta anbox, sudo apt install android-tools-adb. If the Anbox container is not running yet, you can start it now: anbox.appmgr.
  2. Google Play Store: sudo apt install wget lzip unzip squashfs-tools (some required dependencies). wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/geeks-r-us/anbox-playstore-installer/master/install-playstore.sh, chmod +x install-playstore.sh, sudo ./install-playstore.sh. Enable all the permissions for both Google Play Store and Google Play Services: anbox.appmgr, Settings, Apps, Google Play Services, Permissions.
  3. Connectivity problems? Try sudo /snap/anbox/current/bin/anbox-bridge.sh (re)start
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