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Partially Ordered Sets. Hasse Diagrams.

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Definition. A partial order $\preceq$ on a set X (written in LaTeX as \preceq) is a binary relation $\preceq$ ⊆ X × X or a subset of the Cartesian product such that is reflexive, antisymmetric, and transitive, ∀x, y, z∈ X

  1. Reflexive: x $\preceq$ x.
  2. Antisymmetric: if x $\preceq$ y and y $\preceq$ x ⇒ x = y.
  3. Transitive: If x $\preceq$ y and y $\preceq$ z, then x $\preceq$ z.

A partially ordered set or poset for short is a set endowed or equipped with a partial order. A set is partially ordered if there is some relation $\preceq$ on the set such that either x $\preceq$ y, y $\preceq$ x, that is, x and y are comparable or x and y are unrelated, e.g., “is father of” and the lexicographical order, that is, (a, b) $\preceq$ (c, d) if a < c or (a = c and b $\preceq$ d).



  1. Reflexive. If x ∈ A ⇒ x ∈ A ⇒ A ⊆ A 😄
  2. Antisymmetric. A ⊆ B and B ⊆ A ⇒ B = A.
  3. Transitive. A ⊆ B and B ⊆ C ⇒ ∀x ∈ A ⇒[A ⊆ B] x ∈ B ⇒[B ⊆ C] ⇒ x ∈ C, therefore A ⊆ C.

The word partial is used to indicate that not every pair of elements needs to be comparable, e.g., let X = {a, b, c, d}, A = {a, b}, B = {c, d}, A ⊈ B and B ⊈ A. A and B are not comparable.

Hasse diagram

A Hasse or lattice diagram is a type of mathematical diagram used to represent a finite partially ordered set (X, $\preceq$). It is a graph whose vertices are the elements of X and for which an edge or segment between two vertices (x, y) exists if they are comparable, x $\preceq$ y and there's no intermediate element that sit between them, that is, whenever x $\preceq$ z $\preceq$ y either z = x or z = y.


We are showing the Hasse diagrams for X = {a, b}, (P(X), ⊆) -Figure 1.a.-, and X = {a, b, c}, (P(X), ⊆) -Figure 1.b.-. Notice ∅ ⊆ {a} ⊆ {a, b} ⊆ X Image 

Besides, the group ℤ4 = ⟨1⟩ = {0, 1, 2, 3} is a cyclic group of order 4 with a completely different Hasse diagram. It has only one proper subgroup, namely {0, 2} = ⟨2⟩. Image 

The dihedral group D4 is the symmetry group of the square. D4 = {id (e), rotations (ρ1 -90° around the center anticlockwise-, ρ2 -180°-, and ρ3 -270°-), reflections or mirror images in the x -horizontal- and y -diagonal- axes (μ1, μ2), and reflections in the diagonals δ1 and δ2 respectively} = {e, r, r2, r3, s, rs, r2s, r3s} = ⟨r, s | r4 = s2 = e, rs = sr3⟩.

Hasse diagram, D₄ 


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